Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving and my first FREEBIE!!

This morning I looked at the calendar and realized I only have 6 school days until Thanksgiving break!  6 DAYS!!  Of course I’m excited for the break (and the cranberry sauce) but now I have to figure out a way to squeeze all my fun Thanksgiving lessons into just 6 days.  I absolutely LOVE teaching about the first Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite books is "Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation" by Diane Stanley.
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Have you read this one?  I just love it!  This book paints such a clear picture of the first Thanksgiving and what life was like for the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  The two main characters travel back in time with their grandmother where they meet Governor Bradford and Squanto, and celebrate the first Thanksgiving with them. 
I can't wait to use this book to reinforce compare and contrast with my kiddos!  I have made three venn diagrams to compare and contrast Native Americans and Pilgrims, Native American children and children today, and Pilgrim children and children today.  And I am so excited to be posting them today as my first freebie!!!  Click here for your copies. 
As I mentioned earlier my personal favorite part of Thanksgiving (aside from seeing my family and friends who live oh so far away in New Jersey) is the cranberry sauce!  And not the fancy homemade kind either.  No way. I'm talking about the no fuss, open the can and it's ready cranberry sauce.  I have no idea how or why I developed such a love for cranberry sauce, but it has been my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner for as long as I can remember!  I stock up every November (don't ask me why - in case there is ever a cranberry sauce shortage, I guess).  And my family is nice enough to let me have one whole bowl of cranberry sauce to myself!
Tell me what you love about Thanksgiving!  What books do you love to use to teach about Thanksgiving?  Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish? 

Happy Teaching! J Lindsay



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