Thursday, January 31, 2013

100th Day Fun!!!

It's been awhile but I'm back!  And just in time for one of my favorite days - the 100th Day of School!!! We had so much fun today yesterday...because I started typing this yesterday but then got sidetracked preparing for an observation (which was fabulous because my class knew good behavior would be rewarded with Skittles!).  So today was actually the 101st day of school, but I'm still going to tell you about all the fun we had yesterday!  We spent our morning working on a booklet I made.  I absolutely love all the 100th day writing prompts...what will you look like when you're 100, what would you do with 100 dollars, what animal would you want 100 of...the list goes on.  The problem is I can never decide which one to do.  So I decided to make a booklet with a few of my favorite and have my kiddos just write a sentence or two on each page.  The last page has a spot where they can show me how many ways to make 100.  I loved how creative my class got!  I had lots of addition and subtraction problems, but I also had tally marks, drawings of ten rods, and tens frames (which they were regretting by the end!).  Click the picture below for your (FREE) copy!

While my lovely little friends were enjoying their lunches, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to hide 100 Hershey's Kisses!  Every year I forget how difficult it is trying to hide all 100 of them...but it's worth it.  The kids have so much fun looking for them.  I number all the Kisses and they have to place them on the 100's chart as they find each one.

Unfortunately number 44 was hidden a little too well!  And it just so happens that someone found it in the middle of my observation glad she was paying attention to me, right?!
We broke out our collections of 100 things during Math.  They had to put their 100 things in groups of 10, 5, and 2.  They did great with 10's and 5's - groups of 2 was where most of them forgot how cool I was for bringing in 100 Hershey's Kisses!  But I must say I had some very creative friends this year.  I had 100 pennies, Cheerios, beads and marbles as usual, but I also had crayons, army men and shells this year too!
My class really does appreciate the simple things in life! Their favorite activity was a dice game.  They had to guess which number they thought they would roll the most often, and then roll their dice 100 times.  They put a tally mark next to each number they rolled.  They were so excited each time they rolled their number!
Now that all the 100th day excitement is over, it's crazy to think that there are only 79 days of school left!  I hope everyone else enjoys their 100th day as much as we did!!!  
I have also been working on a few Valentine's Day Math centers - I'm hoping to finish them up tonight so I can post them tomorrow! :)

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