Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Currently and Valentine's Day Fun!

Alright - I'm a little late to the Currently party this month but better late than never! Make sure you head over to Farley's blog to link up too!

My listening and wanting this month go hand in hand - I'm catching up on this week's Bachelor and Tierra is driving me insane.  I want him to stop giving her roses and ship her butt back to where ever it is she came from! 
I am loving how well my class is doing with our play.  Every year the first grade classes have a History Comes to Life performance.  The kids dress up as different influential Americans - from Ben Franklin to Barack Obama.  Almost every kiddo in my class has memorized his or her lines!  They just love talking into the microphone and I am so proud of them.  I can't wait to see them on stage at the end of the month!

My internal clock went off at 6:30 and I've been sitting on the couch for the past 3 hours working on the computer.  But now I'm thinking it's time for me to get up and start my day.  I am running (well let's be honest I'll probably be walking more than running) in my school district's Character Counts! 6K today!  The race will benefit the Character Counts! programs in our schools.  I always do a huge lesson at the beginning of each year to show how each pillar ties in to our classroom rules so I am super excited for today!

February is flying by!  I need to go through my dental health file this weekend and make my copies before the month is over!  We're at the point now where I'm really pushing writing in the classroom, and I have lots of dental health writing activities that I like to do with the kids.  

My pet peeve is slow drivers!  I drive 30 minutes to the work each day and I love setting the cruise control.  But it drives me crazy when I get stuck behind slow drivers and I have to take cruise control off!!

In other news - I don't know about everyone else, but my class is starting to get very excited about Valentine's Day.  I made some fun Valentine's Day literacy activities to use with my class next week.  One is for compound words and the other is for contractions.  I plan on using them for word work next week!  You can click on the pictures below and they will take you to my TPT store!

And with that, I'm off to get ready for today's race!  Fingers crossed that I'm not the last person to cross the finish line! :)  Enjoy the weekend!! 


  1. Just found your blog through "Currently". I also love the Bachelor!

  2. Waking up before the alarm is the worst! I came across your blog through the Currently. I love your blog design!
    Enchanting Elementary

  3. I found your blog through the "Currently" Linky Party. Your site is amazing! Love the colors and the content!

    Ahhh! The Bachelor! I love it, too! Tierr-ible needs to go!

    Congrats on your 6K! Hope it went well!

    Twenty-Six Minutes for Lunch